Who We Are

As a local non-profit society, Prairie Rose Hospice promotes comfort, pain and symptom control, support and hope, and supplies to palliative care individuals being cared for at home and in the Brooks and Bassano hospitals.

Prairie Rose Hospice Palliative Care

As Prairie Rose Hospice, we believe that each day matters. Everyone deserves to be comfortable and to live their lives in dignity. We uphold these hospice values and aim to spread awareness for compassionate, whole-life care.

Prairie Rose Hospice Palliative Care Society is a non-profit charitable society, run by a volunteer board. All monies raised go directly to supporting local hospice palliative care and awareness.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to one day support full hospice and palliative care for Brooks and area in partnership with community resources. Until then, we are committed to educating the public and caregivers about the hospice model of care.

Our Board Members

Acting President: Marg Laux
Vice President: Wendy Metcalf
Secretary: Merna Anderberg-Jacklin
Treasurer: Diane Wenarchuk
Trees of Hope Directors: Marg Laux & Evelyn Fundak
Education Director: Cindy Young
Webmaster: Alana Alvis