Hope for Hospice Care

We wish to acknowledge the donations made to Prairie Rose Hospice Palliative Care Society by the following individuals in support of palliative care activities. Community donations make up the foundation of our budget and help us provide palliative care resources such as in-home hospital beds, printed resources for palliative care clients, education workshops, and a biannual memorial service for the community. All funds raised stay in the community to enhance local palliative care services.

The supporters and volunteers of Prairie Rose Hospice Palliative Care Society would love to one day see fully funded hospice care in partnership with community resources for Brooks and area. “Hope for Hospice Care” aims to make that dream realized.

Donate to the Hope for Hospice care fund today – whether in memory of a loved one or so that compassionate end-of-life care can be accessible to all. Tax-deductible receipts are available. Please see ‘how to donate’ for information needed to go with your donation.

Prairie Rose Hospice Palliative Care

 Donations – In Memory of


  • Gwen Hingley donated by Kristjan & Linda Austamn


  • Lawrence Johnson donated by Phyllis Johnson
  • Valerie Tateson donated by Joyce Sagert, Pam & Ron Bonora, Marlene Johnson, E. Meychiae, Rod BacLear, TD Canada Trust Agriculture Service, Ron & Joan Christianson, Connie Beringer, Michael & Janet Dovichak, Ike & Eileen Schroeder, Peter Petersen, Dennis & Gay Hemsing, Evelyn Classon, Jeanette Burton, Loretta Darago, Joyce, Gayle Nakamura, George Beer, Jean Pickett, Elisabeth Faster, Ton & Jill Leonard, Bridge Ladcey, Brian & Gayle Schmidt, Dick & Dixie Alberts, Wayne & Penny Sinclair, Bill & Diane Mikula, Glenn & Dee Ravnsborg, James & Doreen Burton, Gail Kelly, Mary Hislop, Shelagh Hislop, Karen Barnec, Tracey & Michele Hemsing, Donald & Kay Fraser and Patricia Kerr.
  • Richard (Boomer) Wald donated by Ken & Shelley Sturgeon and Cindy & Stacey Young & family.
  • Herb Anderson donated by Swim the Lake – Lenore Anderson.
  • Terry Hall donated by Dennis & Gay Hemsing, Daniel & Cheryl Galbraith, Linda & Lloyd Fowlie, Ron & Pam Bonora, Ronald & MJ Enevold, John & Molly Douglass, Wilf & Marjorie Keinick, TransCanada Pipelines, Pat Fukuda.
  • Cody Snyders donated by Marlene Evers.


  • Ed Fosen donated by Armor Building
  • Adrianna Sweep donated by Mario’s Electric
  • Delores Eckert donated by George & Janice Koza


  • Trees of Hope 2016 Campaign donated by PRHPCS



  • St. Mary’s CWL
  • Ada Wallace
  • Anonymous
  • Amy Dyck
  • Smith Group Holdings Ltd.
  • Phyllis Johnson
  • Janice Christensen
  • Delia Johnson
  • Cindy Young
  • St. Alban’s Parish Church – Community outreach


  • 100 Woman Who Care – Brooks
  • Cenovus Energy Corp.
  • St. Mary’s Catholic Women’s League
  • Prairie Patcher Quilt Guild
  • Sensational Kids
  • Prairie Pioneer Line Dancers
  • Peter Petersen


  • Carole Christiansen
  • Don MacIntyre
  • Brian & Norma Dunlop
  • Doreen Burton
  • Patrick Brown
  • Andrew Schlachter
  • Donna Drader
  • Anonymous