Trees of Hope

Through generous donations by area residents, the trees in front of the Brooks Health Centre are illuminated during the holiday season representing a Memorial and/or Merry Christmas wish. All funds remain in our community to enhance palliative care services. Tax-deductible receipts are available. This year’s donations closed December 10, 2019.

Trees of Hope

Thank You and Merry Christmas to the following Vendors for helping to make
the 2019 Trees of Hope an amazing Success:

  • The Well Craft Fair
  • Cassils Community Centre
  • Home Care Reception
  • Brooks Health Centre
  • Shoppers’ Drug Mart
  • Freson Bros.
  • Legion (Toy Library)
  • Duchess Christmas Craft Show
  • Rolling Hills Christmas Craft
  • United Church Emporium
  • BCHS Scouts Market


A Special Thank You to Everyone who supported and donated to Trees of Hope.

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