Each Day Matters

We believe that lives matter, right up until their very last days. Through education, awareness, fundraising, and providing for practical needs, such as in-home care beds, Prairie Rose Hospice Palliative Care Society (PRHPCS) promotes and supports local palliative care efforts.

Prairie Rose Hospice Palliative Care

Prairie Rose Hospice is a non-profit society run by a volunteer board of caring individuals and health care professionals, and all monies go directly to local hospice care in Brooks, Bassano, and area.

Why Hospice?

Hospice palliative care is a concept of care aimed at enhancing the quality of living and dying for individuals and their families. It is for anyone of any age who is living with a progressive and/or life-threatening illness. Sooner or later, we are all affected by palliative care, whether directly or with someone we care about. Compassionate and personalized care can enhance the quality of a person’s remaining life journey.