PRHPCS is celebrating 8 years as a Society in 2023!

             Thank you to all that have supported us and continue to help us meet our goals!

  What We Have Been Up To in our first 8 years!

  • Development of policy and procedures for our board and committees
  • Develop social media – FaceBook & Website to advertise memorial service, workshops, courses and tips for hospice palliative care.
  • Encourage the community to volunteer for the society as directors, members or volunteers – to be advocates of hospice palliative care in Brooks and area
  • Prairie Rose volunteers are registered through AHS Volunteer Coordinator
  • Continue Trees of Hope to assist the communities in their grieving  process and for palliative care resources  
  • Continue Biannual Memorial Service – for community grief healing – even through covid!
  • Continue to be well supported by Newell Christian Community leading our memorial services and luncheons
  • Continue to offer palliative care volunteer handbook and NODA courses – to encourage more hospital and eventually in home volunteer.
  • Continue our In-home bed and medical equipment program for palliative care clients with a medical equipment supply company in Medicine Hat.
  • Continue to put comfort care items in palliative care hospital rooms.
  • Continue to appreciate the work of the board, members and volunteers of PRHPCS.
  • Added Developing a relationship with AHS and Brooks Health Foundation for hospice palliative care services in Brooks & Area
  • Added an online Community Survey asking for hospice palliative care needs
  • Added supporting local community services in place for hospice palliative care families
  • Added Comfort bag for palliative care patients
  • Added Community resource pamphlet for caregivers of palliative care clients
  • Added Workshop on palliative care for health care workers – Pallium course
  • Added Workshops for community members, caregivers and medical staff – pc resources
  • Added Presentations to local groups young and old on – What we Do
  • Added many fundraising ventures to support our palliative care comfort items and hospice care for Brooks and area – Quilt raffles, Bed Races, volunteers have  taken part in 2 casino weekends
  • Added liaison with AJ Cupboard in Medicine Hat for movement of palliative care in home medical equipment
  • Added board members workshop – Learning to move beyond loss
  • Graciously accept community donations and in kind donations to further hospice care and palliative care needs in Brooks and area.
  • Graciously accepted Full Circle Foundation offer to honour Prairie Rose as their 2021 Festival of Trees donor.
  • Continually checking with the community on hospice palliative care needs in the area
  • Continually exploring possible hospice care options within our communities.            

Who We Are

As a local non-profit society, Prairie Rose Hospice promotes comfort, pain and symptom control awareness, support and hope. And supplies to palliative care individuals being cared for at home and in the Brooks and Bassano hospitals.

Prairie Rose Hospice Palliative Care

As Prairie Rose Hospice, we believe that each day matters. Everyone deserves to be comfortable and to live their lives in dignity. We uphold these hospice values and aim to spread awareness for compassionate, whole-life care.

Prairie Rose Hospice Palliative Care Society is a non-profit charitable society, run by a volunteer board. All monies raised go directly to supporting local hospice palliative care and awareness.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to one day support full hospice and palliative care for Brooks and area in partnership with community resources. Until then, we are committed to educating the public and caregivers about the hospice model of care.

Our Society Objects

To support a structured system in Brooks area for the delivery of quality palliative care to hospice/palliative patients and their families.

To promote care that is specific and ministers to the individual’s physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

To promote care that affirms the individual’s dignity and self-worth.

To offer bereavement education and care for hospice/palliative patients, their families and friends.

To promote educational and awareness about hospice/palliative care.

To support specialized volunteers.

To promote and support establishment of a hospice facility.

To raise funds to achieve the objects of the Society. This includes accepting gifts, donations, grants, legacies, bequests and inheritances.

To use funds of the Society only according to and in pursuit of these objects.

To promote partnership with existing health services, health foundations and other interested organizations while maintaining the Society’s autonomy and integrity.

These Objects were respectfully submitted to Alberta Government with our application to form our Society under the Societies Act.  August 04, 2015

Our Board Members:

Chairperson: Audrey Hausher

Vice Chairperson: Connie Robinson

Secretary: Colleen Davidson

Treasurer: Cindy Young

Education Director: Linda Currie

Facebook: Wendy Metcalf

Webmaster: Connie Robinson