Trees of Hope


The lights of the New Metal Trees in front of the hospital will be lit up in November to acknowledge a donation made by area residents on behalf of loved ones.

Amber lights represent an ‘In Memory Of’ and the coloured ones represent ‘Merry Christmas’ wishes. Please Join us at the TREES OF HOPE metal trees in front of the Brooks Health Centre for the kick off!

Each memorial bulb purchased for $15.00 represents one individual ‘In Memory Of’ or group ‘Christmas Wishes’ from you. A tax-deductible receipt will be issued and recognition of your donation will be printed in the Brooks Bulletin the week of Christmas. All funds raised remain in our area to enhance hospice palliative care services for our citizens.

To purchase bulbs, look for our table at the following Craft Shows!

  • United Church – October 22, 10am-3pm
  • The Well – November 11, 4pm-8pm / November 12, 10am-4pm
  • Legion (Toy Library) – November 19, 10am-3pm
  • Duchess – November 26, 4pm-8pm / November 27, 10am-1pm
  • Rolling Hills – December 3, 10am-3pm

TOH Forms are also on our webpage – or at the above businesses.
Please make cheques payable to Prairie Rose Hospice Palliative Care Society (PRHPCS).
E Transfers containing a full description of the donation can be made to

Deadline for submissions Dec 10th. Thank you to the Businesses handing out forms for us!

Thank you for your continuing support of hospice palliative care in Brooks and area.

Below is the ‘In Memory Of’ and ‘Merry Christmas Greetings’ from 2021.

Sorry for the delay in posting the 2021 names – we had been looking for a new webmaster.

In Memory OfSeasons GreetingsFROM
Susan ChildsRick & Juliette Haessel
Marg BefusHeather, Bill, Justine & Jonathen
Georgia WilsonDuane & Janet Perkins
Ken WilsonDuane & Janet Perkins
Gretchen WilsonDuane & Janet Perkins
Louise PerkinsDuane & Janet Perkins
Joe Versikaitis.Martin Shields
Verna & Reece JonesWayne & Chuck Eggen
Freda Eggen
Ruth OlsenCecile Hellmer
Marvin HellmerCecile Hellmer
Charles BaldersonTerry Connor
Jack ConnorPat Connor
Gertie ConnorPat Connor
Terry HallVicki Hall & the Brandts
Margaret CollinsSheryl & Robin Neibergall
Margaret MacDonaldSheryl & Robin Neibergall
Bruna MariottaSheryl & Robin Neibergall
Bev CollinsSheryl & Robin Neibergall
Mabel RookeMiss you Mom - Colleen
Merry Christmas to family and friends
Betty LeaskCindy Young
Ray SmithCindy & Stacey Young
Merry Christmas to family and friends
Bill Rooke
Don Davidson
Martha Davidson
Brad Gardner
Orville HermanBeth Dyck
Robert HermanBeth Dyck
Kevin KaloLove Mom, Dad & family
Clarence & Ilene BengtsonBrian & Lorene Nichols & Family
Clarence RosdalBrian & Lorene Nichols & Family
Halvar RosdalBrian & Lorene Nichols & Family
Art & Esther NelsonBrian & Lorene Nichols & Family
Cathy PrinsCheryl Munro
Karlee RutschmannGramma
John EversMarlene
Terry HallLloyd & Audrey Hausher
Linda ShantzLloyd & Audrey Hausher
Joe MrazCarole & family
Joe MrazErin, Shamus, Riley & Clare
Erna BergNorma Berg
Sig BergNorma Berg
Sharon ScheuchnerNorma Berg
Laryy SignarwoskiBev Signarowski
Nola OrichBev Signarowski
Jean HumphriesBev Signarowski
Ken TookeLaurel & Family
Hazel TookeLaurel & Family
Dave GriffithGeraldine Griffith
Del GriffithMom
Mary SerniakClara & Family
Mits Iwaasa
Season's greetings to EveryoneBruce & Sandy Parker
Henry NakamuraGayle, Carmen, Davin, Lana, Lee & Addy
Marion ArtusThe McGrady family
Jody RutherfordJohn & Irene
Murray RustJohn & Irene
Karen KuiperJohn & Irene
Jamie LawsonPam Lawson
Bernice Hopp
Muriel Lawson
Sophie KishLavona Krochak
Orest Chlan
Mrs.Vera HolehaAlways in our thoughts
Mr. Harold HolehaAlways in our thoughts
Clarence PurcellCarter & Darlene
Doris PurcellCarter & Darlene
Evelyn CurranCarter & Darlene
Douglas CurranCarter & Darlene
Stephen CurranCarter & Darlene
Carolyn HodgkinsonMom & Family
Val TatesonLovingly remembered - your Family
June LewendonLovingly remembered - your Family
Isabel VoleskyMiss you Mom - Love Leeann
William MoellerAnna & the Kids
George BlowerI Love You - Anne
Clarence StandishGreta & Andy Borath
ParentsAndy, Greta & family
Mary-ann BauerDonna & Marj
Jody RutherfordDonna & Marj
Elaine RalphLoving sister
George BlowerBetty Hansen
Emma ChristmanEarl & Joy Christman & Family
Phillip ChristmanEarl & Joy Christman & Family
Laurie MoorheadEarl & Joy Christman & Family
Bill LauxLove Always, Marg & Marilyn
Michael LauxLove Mom, Marilyn & Family
Don MacIntyreMiss you, Marg
Joe VersakaitisLove the Laux Family
Jack CollierCathy & Kevin Stephenson
Neil AndersonAn empty chair is saved for you - Gail
Doris HustyEd & Carla Gillen
Stan HustyEd & Carla Gillen
All past customers & Friends Ed & Carla Gillen
Chuck BeasleyBrett & Carter
Ella Beasley
Henry NeufeldJan, Steve & Courtney Lepp
Betty NeufeldJan, Steve & Courtney Lepp
Donna DoerksenJan, Steve & Courtney Lepp
Alvin LeppJan, Steve & Courtney Lepp
Leonard & Rose RasmusonChildren, Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren
Kevin HokLove Diane & Hok Family
JR ReissDana & Shawna
Mr. & Mrs. Joe KleinDan & Brenda Klein
Mr. & Mrs. Russ McFaddenDan & Brenda Klein
David ZatylnyRIP my Dear
Jan LoosMy Sister My Angel
Ken MunnMy Brother My Guardian
Tyler HemsingBill & Anne Jackson
Joanie RedpathBill & Anne Jackson
Keith JacksonBill & Anne Jackson
Bert RommensBill & Anne Jackson
George RommensBill & Anne Jackson
Elmer DraderMarlene
Hattie GreenKen Green
John HollindaBetty & Family
C.W. ScheibnerBetty Scheibner
Ron Johnson
Ove & Shirley Jorgensen
Lawrence & Doris Scheibner
Bob Johnston Sr.Mary & Family
Ken Darcy SaranchukMaxine, Yaris & Sheldon Saranchuk
Joel Kim SaranchukMaxine, Yaris & Sheldon Saranchuk
Bill GroverAlexis Grover
Eugene LesterLove from Betty Lester
My Mom, EthelAlways remembered, from Betty Lester
My Dad, AlexanderAlways remembered, from Betty Lester
Sandi LesterLove from Betty Lester
Tom FordenTanis Forden
Jim McClellandMickey, with Love
Tyler HemsingLove Mom & Dad
Tyler HemsingLove Andrea, Reese, Mackenzie & Sawyer
Tyler HemsingLove Laura, Aaron, Lincoln & Cora
Joe VersikaitisMichele Versikaitis
Walter DuncanCecile Duncan
Merry ChristmasJane & Johnny
George NewtonWe miss you Dad! Love your wife, kids and grandkids
Charles RamerWe miss you Grandpa! Love your wife(Ruth), kids and grandkids.
Francis DunlopStacey & Cindy Young
Vivian RuppertStacey & Cindy Young
All Friends & Family Stacey & Cindy Young
Margaret EckertJohn & Lil Duenk
Dolores EckertJohn & Lil Duenk
Frieda DyckJohn & Lil Duenk
Bert RommensLove Wilma
Jac PeetersWilma Rommens & Family
Merry Christmas to Family & FriendsWilma Rommens
Gladys ConnersCarole Christiansen
Les ConnersCarole Christiansen
Stan ConnersCarole Christiansen
Albert GoslingCarole Christiansen
Elsie BunneyMartin Shields
Jim MurrayLove Jackie
Brian MurrayLove Mom
Kevin MurrayLove Grandma
Rose Michal KiewiczSabina Endersby
Bev HarttSabina Endersby
Shelley ConwaySabina Endersby
Mabel EndersbySabina Endersby
Juljanna KonskiSabina Endersby
Barry TurnerShelley Turner
Baba Jean LozinskyWe miss & love you dearly, from Mel & Gail Wiebe
Gido Carl LozinskyWe miss & love you dearly, from Mel & Gail Wiebe
Lucy O'LoughlinWe miss & love you dearly, from Mel & Gail Wiebe
Peter KorchewskiWe miss & love you dearly, from Mel & Gail Wiebe
Herb AndersonFrom Lenore
Herb AndersonBarbie, Nancy, Jill & Travis
Graeme CastleNancy & Jill
Rosi BonoraJim, Karen, Vanessa, Eric & Rachel
Margaret WoodsJim, Karen, Vanessa, Eric & Rachel
Gordon WoodsJim, Karen, Vanessa, Eric & Rachel
David WoodsJim, Karen, Vanessa, Eric & Rachel
Helen ChristiansenHelen Schottenbauer & family
Carol HofmannLeighton & Lilianne Smith
Garry HofmannLeighton & Lilianne Smith
Mary TancownyLeighton & Lilianne Smith
Clarence TancownyLeighton & Lilianne Smith
Ronald PerryLeighton & Lilianne Smith
Walter OKellLove Leighton, Lilianne& family
Walter OKellLove Nola OKell
Vickie SmithLove Leighton & Lilianne & family
Raymond SmithLove Leighton & Lilianne & family
Darrell SmithLeighton & Lilianne Smith
Marion ArtusLeighton & Lilianne Smith
Bob MedwayLeighton & Lilianne Smith
Joe VersikaitisLeighton & Lilianne Smith
Mike OrlitaLeighton & Lilianne Smith
Joan LesterAlbert Lester
Bill LesterAlbert Lester & families
Bob HoltAlbert Lester & families
Raymond SmithAlbert Lester
Marian WellsAlbert Lester
Love Barb, Nicole, Brett, Shaun, Beth & BrettBob Medway
Love Barb, Nicole, Brett, Shaun, Beth & BrettTerri Martin
The Medway FamilyBill Alberts(Kentucky)
The Medway FamilyConnie Stone
The Medway FamilyMike Orlita
The Medway FamilyLinda Shantz
The Medway FamilyTyler Zastre (Heavy)
The Medway FamilyJoe Versikaitis
The Medway FamilyRocke Parker
Love Barb Elsie Bunney
Frances DunlopVelma Dunlop
Frances DunlopTom Dunlop
Frances DunlopDon Dunlop
Frances DunlopMike Dunlop
Terri MartinMom & Dad
Seasons greetings to everyoneLee & Daphne Anderson
Elsie BunneyCharity Martin
Theo deJongAnne deJong
Mike Orlita
Jac Peeters
All my friends & family
Merry Christmas to all my Friends & Family
Winton WangsnessGary & Trudy Koleyak & Family
Jean WangsnessGary & Trudy Koleyak & Family
Mike KoleyakGary & Trudy Koleyak & Family
Lenora KoleyakGary & Trudy Koleyak & Family
Mike OrlitaElaine Orlita
Jeanine MandevilleMandeville Family
Fred MandevilleMandeville Family
Mike OrlitaMandeville Family
Carol SchlachterDon, Joan, Trevor & Breanne Dunlop
Francis DunlopDon, Joan, Trevor & Breanne Dunlop
Holly PrusDon & Joan Dunlop
Carol SchlachterRest in Peace, Schlachter Family
Carol SchlachterWith Love, Andy
Gordon NielsenPete & Barb Nielsen
Sophie NielsenPete & Barb Nielsen
Christine NielsenPete & Barb Nielsen
Dwayne AllanTracy Kaczanowski
Marie KaczanowskiTracy Kaczanowski
Annie AllenTracy Kaczanowski
Kazimir KaczanowskiTracy Kaczanowski
Byron HendricksonTracy Kaczanowski
Laverne WomboldTracy Kaczanowski
Bill & Mabel RookeLove, Ron, Terrie & Family
Nick & Kathleen HagerLove, Ron, Terrie & Family
Margie MackLove, Ron, Terrie & Family
Don & Martha DavidsonThe Hager Family
Jack CollierStacey & Cindy Young & Family
Ernie & Elinda MillwarAlex & Linda Currie
John & Tina CurrieAlex & Linda Currie
Dick & Glo MillwardAlex & Linda Currie
Allen CurrieAlex & Linda Currie
Paul & Mary CurrieAlex & Linda Currie
Kay StevensonJune Smith & Family
Bob StevensonJune Smith & Family
Don DavidsonThe Medway Family
Jack CollierThe Medway Family
In memory of our parentsAlana & Vernon Alvis
Merry Christmas to our friends & familyAlana & Vernon Alvis
Merry Christmas to Prairie Rose Community Supporters PRHPCS
Merry Christmas to Full Circle Foundation volunteersPRHPCS
Merry Christmas to Palliative Care VolunteersPRHPCS
Sandra FooteAlana & Vernon Alvis
Tatum SchuettGloria Schuett
George & Helen DriedgerGloria Schuett
Ken KristiansonGloria Schuett
Tyler ZasteGloria Schuett
Bill AlbertsGloria Schuett
David KasdorfHelen Neufeld
Helen KasdorfHelen Neufeld
Walter NeufeldHelen Neufeld