Trees of Hope


The lights of the New Metal Trees in front of the hospital will be lit up every November to acknowledge a donation made by area residents on behalf of loved ones.

Amber lights represent an ‘In Memory Of’ and the coloured ones represent ‘Merry Christmas’ wishes. Please Join us at the TREES OF HOPE metal trees in front of the Brooks Health Centre for the kick off!

Each memorial bulb purchased for $15.00 represents one individual ‘In Memory Of’ or group ‘Christmas Wishes’ from you. A tax-deductible receipt will be issued and recognition of your donation will be printed in the Brooks Bulletin the week of Christmas. All funds raised remain in our area to enhance hospice palliative care services for our citizens.

To purchase bulbs for 2023, watch for our booth at the November 24th Brooks Bandits Game, The Festival of Trees November 16th-18th and at the following Craft Shows:

  • The Well – November 10th & 11th
  • Rolling Hills – November 11th
  • Brooks Toy Library at Eastbrook School – November 18th
  • Duchess – November 24th & 25th
  • St Joe’s Band Fundraiser – December 2nd
  • Burnt Earth – December 9th

TOH Forms are also on our webpage – or at the above businesses.
Please make cheques payable to Prairie Rose Hospice Palliative Care Society (PRHPCS).
E Transfers containing a full description of the donation can be made to

Deadline for submissions: Dec 10th.

Thank you to the businesses handing out forms for us!

Thank you for your continuing support of hospice palliative care in Brooks and area.

Below is the ‘In Memory Of’ and ‘Merry Christmas Greetings’ from 2022.

In Memory OfSeasons GreetingsMESSAGE FROM
Merry Christmas to our friends and familyAlana & Vernon Alvis
Greetings to Friends & neighborsAlan & Judy
Everyone affected by the Ukranian WarAletta & Ken Langille
All Family & FriendsAnne deJong
FriendsBruce & Sandy Parker
Merry ChristmasBurke & Darcy Dewar
Vera BunnCarol & Pat
Merry Christmas & All the BestCindy & Stacy Young
Family & Friends, Near & FarConnie, Ivis, Chelsey & Tyson Bolt
Dianne Wheeler
Brooks & Community Don & Evelyn Fundak
Season's Greetings to EveryoneJake Eckert
Merry Christmas Len & Marian West
Merry Christmas AllLillian Bouvier
For a Better worldRon & Laurette
Season's greetings to allRon & Linda WIlliams
Merry ChristmasSt. Mary's Catholic Women's League
All Family & FriendsThe Hager Family
Merry Christmas to Family & FriendsWilma Rommens
A Wonderful Dad, Grandpa &Opa, Tony RommensLove from all your family
Albert GoslingCarole Christiansen
Alfred NygaardElsie Nygaard
Alice BellIn loving memory of my sister
Alice StoberDelphine Folton
All Family & FriendsCindy & Stacy Young
All My Friends and FamilyAnne deJong
Alvin LeppJan & Steve Lepp
Angela GrahamAlways in our hearts, Jan & Jim Kuhn
Anita GermaineBrenda Jones
Arda PrinsJay & Joanne deJong
Arda PrinsWilma Rommens & Family
Art & Esther NelsonBrian & Lorene & family
Barry TurnerFrank & Joyce Nesbitt
Barry TurnerShelley Turner
Bea JensenDelphine Folton
Bert RommensFrank & Joyce Nesbitt
Bert RommensWilma & Family
Beth BaconDan & Sally Bartman
Beth IonEnid
Betty NeufeldJan & Steve Lepp
Bill & Betty DaragoRemembering you all
Bill & Mabel RookeHager Family
Bill & Mabel RookeLoving Memory
Bill ChristienLove the Family
Bill GroverLove you - Verna & Family
Bill LauxLove Always, Marilyn & Margaret
Bill RookeLove, Keith, Colleen and family
Bill ThompsonLinda and Family
Blanchy LaMarshPaul & Chad Galbraith
Bob ArmstrongMiss you Dad
Bob HoltMemory & Love
Bob Johnston Sr. Forever in our Hearts
Bob MedwayLove Barb, Nicole, Brett, Bryson, Shaun, Beth & Brett
Bob TrimmerAlana & Vern Alvis
Brad WoodmanLoving Memory
Bruce FareChristine and Jim
Christine NielsenPete & Barb Nielsen
Christopher JonesBrenda Jones
Clarence & Ilene BengtsonBrian & Lorene & family
Clarence RosdalBrian & Lorene & family
Cody MartinTravis Godfrey
Dale SmithKelly & Shani Tanigami
Dale SmithRon & Irene Smith
Darla KnutsikPayton, Conner & Kyler
Darryl DanielsLoving Memory
Dave GriffithAlways in our hearts, Jan & Jim Kuhn
David KasdorfHelen Neufeld
David WoodsJim, Karen, Vanessa, Eric & Rachel Bonora
Deanna StoberDelphine Folton
Deb KirschenmanLove the Family
Dick & Glo MillwardAlex & Linda Currie
Dick GodfreyLove from the Family
Don & Martha DavidsonLoving Memory
Don HoltLoving Memory
Don MacIntyreMiss you, Marg
Don McCuaigRuby
Donna DoerksenJan & Steve Lepp
Doral DouglasLloyd & Audrey Hausher
Dorothy & Cecil DanielsMemory & Love
Dorothy AndrewPete & Barb Nielsen
Dorothy DanielsLionel & Patricia MacKinnon
Doug WoodmanLoving Memory
Ed FosenLove you - Verna & Family
Ed FosenShannon Vanderloh
Eileen KlassenAlana & Vern Alvis
Eileen KlassenJohn & Lil Duenk
Ella UnruhYour Husband, I hope you can see this bulb
Elsie SeefeldtLove you forever
Ernie & Elinor MillwardAlex & Linda Currie
Fish FyfeLove, your Family
Florence SingerTravis and Shawna
Francis DunlopTom & Wendy
Frieda DyckJohn & Lil Duenk
George BunnVera Bunn
George HiebertIn memory
George RommensWilma & Family
Gerald BallLove Mom
Geroge & Irma ZvolenskyRemembering you all
Gladys ConnersCarole Christiansen
Gloria IonCindy & Stacy Young
Gloria IonGary & Trudy Koleyak & Family
Gordon NeilsenPete & Barb Nielsen
Gordon ScottThe Family
Gordon WoodsJim, Karen, Vanessa, Eric & Rachel Bonora
Grandma & Grandpa GroverLove - All of us
Grant MeadowsBev Signarowski - Missed but not forgotten
Halvar RosdalBrian & Lorene & family
Halvor & Clarence RosdalLoving Memory
Harley EndersbyLloyd & Audrey Hausher
Hazel TookeLaurel and Family
Helen & Jack FowlerThe Family
Helen (Hansen) MarquessRest in Peace
Helen KasdorfHelen Neufeld
Helen KendallLinda Johnson
Henry KasdorfHelen Neufeld
Henry NakamuraGayle Nakamura
Henry NeufeldJan & Steve Lepp
Henry UrbanRemembering you all
Howes FamilyFamily
Ilene MorganLove the Plumers
Isabel VoleskyDoug, Leeann, Troy & Leah
Jac PeetersWilma & Family
Jac PeetersWilma Rommens & Family
Jack & Ellen KingLove always, Jenny, Ken, Alex & Chelsea
Jason MicklerForever in our hearts
Jean HumphriesBev Signarowski - Missed but not forgotten
Jean WangsnessGary & Trudy Koleyak & Family
Jeff EvansMom & Dad
Jennifer EvansGrandma & Grandpa
Jessie (Green) NitzRest in Peace
Jim NagyLen & Marian West
Jim NixonLove the Medway's
Jim ShannonWishing Heaven Had Visiting Hours - Pat, Nadine, Maricie
Jim StansonLove always, Jenny, Ken, Alex & Chelsea
Joan LesterLove Barb, Nicole, Brett, Bryson, Shaun, Beth & Brett
Joan LesterMemory & Love
Joanie RedpathLove Bill & Anne Jackson
Jody CalibabaMom, Dad & Family
Joe UrbanRemembering you all
Joel SaranchukMaxine, Yaris & Sheldon Saranchuk
John & Tina CurrieAlex & Linda Currie
John BaconDan & Sally Bartman
John DesjardinsDonna Desjardins
John FrybergerTerri
John HollindaBetty Hollinda & Family
John NeigumMiss you
John NeigumMiss you always
John NeigumTerry Neigum
John SmithLove you - Marilynn & Family
Judy StockwellAlana & Vern Alvis
Kacey DanielsMemory & Love
Karl BartmanDan & Sally Bartman
Kathi AndersonLove the Medway's
Keith JacksonLove Bill & Anne Jackson
Ken CleaverTom & Wendy
Ken SaranchukMaxine, Yaris & Sheldon Saranchuk
Ken TookeLaurel and Family
Kentucky ((Bill) AlbertsLove the Medway's
Kevin HokLove Always, Diane
Kevin KaleAuntie Linda and Family
Kevin KaloConnie & Gary Kalo
Larry CaverlyHarold & Gloria Evans
Larry SignarowskiBev Signarowski - Missed but not forgotten
Lawrence DrysdaleRon & Irene Smith
Lenora KoleyakGary & Trudy Koleyak & Family
Les ConnersCarole Christiansen
Leza PebernatLove Bill & Anne Jackson
Lila Alice LoalkerLove the Christien Family
Linda ShantzLloyd & Audrey Hausher
Lois BunnyVera Bunn
Mabel RookeLove, Keith, Colleen and family
Mac MaguireLonnie Volesky
Marg BefusLove Bill, Heather, Justine, Jonathen, Dustin & Kara
Margaret & Ray FlemingCarla, Lindsay & Theron
Margaret WoodsJim, Karen, Vanessa, Eric & Rachel Bonora
Margie MackHager Family
Marie & Jack HoltMemory & Love
Marin ArtusMissing you lots
Marj MacLindenFamily
Marven HellmerIn Loving Memory
Marvin SingerTravis and Shawna
Mary & Don StewartEnid
Mary & Jim WortelLove, your Family
Mary PlumerLove the Family
May DrysdaleRon & Irene Smith
Michael KoleyakGary & Trudy Koleyak & Family
Michael LauxLove Always, Marilyn & Margaret
Michelle PomeranzAllan & Amanda Philpott
Michelle PomeranzCindy & Stacy Young
Mike SticaFrom Mom
MomGerry Freundl
Mom & Dad MaharBrenda Jones
Morley DanielsLoving Memory
Myra ScottThe Family
Neil AndersonAlways loved
Nick & Kathleen HagerHager Family
Nola OrichBev Signarowski - Missed but not forgotten
Our ParentsArt & Bernice Kruger
Our ParentsHarold & Gloria Evans
Patricia PetersonPaul & Chad Galbraith
Paul VickersKeith & Colleen Davidson
Paul VickersLove the Medway's
Paul VickersStacey & Cindy Young
Rebecca Musgrove Keith & Colleen Davidson
Richard WoodNorm Gerestein
Rick GuyotCarla, Lindsay & Theron
Rita BartmanDan & Sally Bartman
Roger DesjardinsBrian deJong
Roger NeigumMiss you always
Rosi BonoraJim, Karen, Vanessa, Eric & Rachel Bonora
Russell McCharlesMarlene
Ruth OlsenIn Loving Memory
S.E. McLaySteve & Debbie
Sharon HauckAlana & Vern Alvis
Sharon HauckBrian & Lorene & family
Sharon HauckCindy & Stacy Young
Sharon HauckLove the Medway's
Shirley HolmesLoving Memory
SIG & ERNA BERGRand & Norma Berg
Sophie NielsenPete & Barb Nielsen
Stan ConnersCarole Christiansen
Steve & Elizabeth MerklRemembering you all
Steve Merkl Jr.Missing you lots
Ted BurnatKaren & Kids
Ted deJongAnne deJong
Terrance GrayForever missed, Forever loved
Terri MartinLove Barb
Terry FernerCindy & Stacy Young
Terry HallForever missed, Vicki
Terry HallLloyd & Audrey Hausher
The Rust FamilyBarry Rust & Lorraine Samis
Tom FordenTanis Forden
Tom SticaFrom Mom
Tony RommensLove forever, Cora
Tony RommensLove Karen & David Hemsing & Family
Tony RommensLove the Medway's
Tony RommensWilma & Family
Tyler HemsingLove always, Mom & Dad
Tyler HemsingLove Andrea, Reece, Laura & Aaron
Tyler HemsingLove Uncle Bill & Aunt Anne
Tyson HoltLoving Memory
Uncle Tyler HemsingLove Mackenzie, Sawyer, Lincoln & Cora
Walter NeufeldHelen Neufeld
Wanda StoberDelphine Folton
Wayne BilykHis Family
Winton WangsnessGary & Trudy Koleyak & Family
Woody PetersonPaul & Chad Galbraith