Trees of Hope

The lights of the New Metal Trees in front of the hospital will be lit up Monday, November 15, 2021 at 5:00 to acknowledge a donation made by area residents on behalf of loved ones. Amber lights represent an ‘In Memory’ and the colored ones represent your ‘Merry Christmas’ wish. Please Join us at the TREES OF HOPE metal trees in front of the Brooks Health Centre for the kick off!
Palliative Care is a service offered to those people for whom curative treatment is no longer expected. We provide Comfort Bags for the palliative care families with a Pamphlet that contains the community resources available. There is a Community Biannual Memorial Service held the 3rd Sunday in March and September each year. Virtual Services, in lieu of COVID-19, have been presented during covid restrictions. We have our ongoing service to provide an ‘In-home bed and table’ program for palliative care clients who wish to stay at home.
Our focus is to purchase equipment, volunteer education, patient and caregiver support, to enhance the comfort of palliative care individuals being cared for both at home and in the hospital.
Each memorial bulb purchased for $15.00 represents one individual ‘In Memory’ or a group ‘Christmas Wishes’ from you. A tax-deductible receipt will be issued and recognition of your donation will be printed in the Brooks Bulletin the week of Christmas. All funds raised remain in our area to enhance hospice palliative care services for our citizens.
TOH Forms are on our webpage – or at the above businesses.
Please make cheques payable to Prairie Rose Hospice Palliative Care Society (PRHPCS).
E Transfers containing a full description of the donation can be made to

Deadline for submissions Dec 10th. Thank you to the Businesses giving out forms for us!

Thank you for your continuing support of hospice palliative care in Brooks and the area.

Below is the ‘In Memory’ and ‘Merry Christmas Greetings’ from 2020.

Sorry for the delay in posting the 2021 names – we have been looking for a new webmaster. The list will be posted shortly.

In Memory of:From: (message)Season Greetings:From: (message)
Ken Darcy SaranchukMaxine, Yaris , Sheldon ToFrom
Joel Kim SaranchukMaxine, Yaris , Sheldon To All Our Family & FriendsThe Hagers
Jim Shannon- Forever My AlwaysPat ShannonMerry Christmas to AllJack Fowler
Gordon NielsenPeter & Barb NielsenLes HustyLes Husty
Sophie NielsenPeter & Barb NielsenDokkhun HustyLes Husty
Christine NielsenPeter & Barb NielsenHawk HustyLes Husty
Bert RommensWilma RommensOur Friends & FamilyAlana & Vern Alvis & Family
Clarence & Ilene BengtstonLorene & Brian NicholsEveryone stay Healthy Betty Sewall
Art & Esther NelsonLorene & Brian NicholsMerry Christmas Family & FriendsCindy & Stacey Young & Family
Clarence RosdalLorene & Brian NicholsMerry Christmas Family & FriendsLove The Medways
Halvar RosdalLorene & Brian Nichols
Les ConnersCarole Christiansen
Gladys ConnersCarole Christiansen
Stan ConnersCarole Christiansen
Joe MrazCarol and Family
Joe MrazGrandkids
Valerie HowesArthur Howes
Archie HowesArthur Howes
Johnnie SearsEdna Sears
Richard WaldEdna Sears
Jack WilliamsonBarry & Marie Pakarno
Lloyd WilliamsonBarry & Marie Pakarno
Kathleen WilliamsonBarry & Marie Pakarno
Stella WilliamsonBarry & Marie Pakarno
Angela WilliamsonBarry & Marie Pakarno
Tom FordenTanis Forden
Carol SchlachterJoan & Donald Dunlop
Holly PrusJoan & Donald Dunlop
Shirley PrusJoan & Donald Dunlop
Deb KirschenmanLove Family
Ilene MorganLove the Plumers
Tyler HemsingLove Mom & Dad
Tyler HemsingLove Andrea, Reece, MacKenzie & Sawyer
Tyler HemsingLove Laura, Aaron, Lincoln & Cora
Kevin HokDiane Reiss & Harper
Kevin Hok Betty Hok
JR ReissShawna & Dana
Jim ShannonMiss You Dad - Nadine Shannon
Jim ShannonMiss You Dad - Marcie Shannon
Bill & Mabel RookeLove Ron, Terri & Family
Nick & Kathleen HagerLove Ron, Terri & Family
Ken WilsonThe Hager Family
Martha DavidsonThe Hager Family
Helen FowlerLove Always
Jim MurrayLove Jackie
Brian MurrayLove Mom
Kevin MurrayLove Grandma
Dawn ThomsenLove Aunt Jackie
Carol SchlachterRest in Peace - Andy
Carol SchlachterRest in Peace -Schlachter Family
Walter NeufeldHelen Neufeld
Helen KasdorfHelen Neufeld
David KasdorfHelen Neufeld
Henry KasdorfHelen Neufeld
Winton WangsnessGary, Trudy Koleyak & Family
Jean WangsnessGary, Trudy Koleyak & Family
Michael KoleyakGary, Trudy Koleyak & Family
Lenora KoleyakGary, Trudy Koleyak & Family
Roy VorraElizabeth Houseman
Phyllis VorraElizabeth Houseman
Laurie VorraElizabeth Houseman
Doug VorraElizabeth Houseman
Vi RobinsonLisa & Darrius Nikkel
Vi RobinsonNicole, Brandon, Hayden, Nevi & Bailey Wiscombe
Vi RobinsonCarol Robinson
Larry SignarowskiBev & Family
Nola OrichBev Signarowski
Grant MeadowsBev & Roy
Rick GuyotCarla, Lindsay & Theron
Margaret FlemingCarla, Lindsay & Theron
Raymond FlemingCarla, Lindsay & Theron
Stan HustyLes Husty
Doris HustyLes Husty
Ralph KleinLes Husty
Area PioneersLes Husty
Senior CitizensLes Husty
John & Tina CurrieAlex & Linda Currie
Ernie & Elinda MillwardAlex & Linda Currie
Dick & Glo MillwardAlex & Linda Currie
Dietrich DyckRod & Joanne Dyck
Ag DyckRod & Joanne Dyck
Frank BergenRod & Joanne Dyck
Anne BergenRod & Joanne Dyck
Marj & Bill BellLarry & Linda Angove
Jean & Irving AngoveLarry & Linda Angove
Billy LauxLove Marg
Mike LauxLove Mom
Don MacIntyreMiss You
Dr. Desmond BullmanMarg Laux & DI BHC
George NewtonNewton, Snider & Dyck Families
Helen JohannesNewton, Snider & Dyck Families
Martin Shields
St Mary's CWL
Holly PrusRobert Prus
Tom PrusRobert Prus
Cody MartinTravis (miss you buddy)
Ron JohnsonBetty Schneibner
Erna StraubJohn Straub
Theresa McDougallBill & Marcie Watson
Jean WatsonBill & Marcie Watson
Bob JohnstonMary and Family
Bill GroverAlexis Grover
Ed FosenAlexis Grover
Tom SewallBetty Sewall
Sister BernieBetty Sewall
Eugene LesterForever remembered - Betty Lester
Sandi LesterSpecial thoughts - Betty Lester
Eva RamsayBetty Lester
Merlie HawkinsBetty Lester
Chris RomansLove & Miss You - Love Randy
Christina RomansWe love you..Love your Family
Richard "Boomer" WaldLove-Cindy & Stacey Young & Family
Bob MedwayLove-Cindy & Stacey Young & Family
Kentucky AlbertsLove-Cindy & Stacey Young & Family
Our Family & FriendsLove-Cindy & Stacey Young & Family
Bob MedwayLove Barb, Brett, Nicole, Brett, Shaun & Beth
Joan LesterLove Barb, Brett, Nicole, Brett, Shaun & Beth
Bill (Kentucky) AlbertsLove Barb, Brett, Nicole, Brett, Shaun & Beth
Bob HoltLove Barb, Brett, Nicole, Brett, Shaun & Beth
Chris RileyLove Barb, Brett, Nicole, Brett, Shaun & Beth
Donald HoltLove Barb, Brett, Nicole, Brett, Shaun & Beth
Eric FleuryMartin Shields
Don McIntyreBill & Arlene Parkinson, Vauxhall Good Memories
Sheila Cochrane of our EasternStar Family
Carol Schlachter Dean Schlachter
Received after paper cutoff:
Amy HutchMartin Shields
Fred and Jeanine MandevilleLeanne & Ken Mandeville & family
Eric FleuryBonnie Fujimoto
Eric FleuryTeresa Fujimoto
Marian WellsMartin Shields
Robert PrusShirley Prus
Robert PrusDr. Robert Prus
Robert PrusTodd Weiss
Robert PrusDonald Glassner
Robert PrusCurtis Haliuk