2020 Survey Results

In September 2020, PRHPCS conducted an online community hospice palliative care survey available on our FB and Website. We also emailed the survey out to all of our past supporters but only received 4 back – concerned our survey went to their junk mail. In total, we received 27 surveys filled out.

We realize hospice palliative care is not always easy for families to discuss, nor do they know what questions to ask on upcoming needs. Our goal is to help navigate this new life journey, during and after, with continued community functions throughout the year – before covid – creating an awareness of our resources available to the community.

Webpage and Facebook can limit some of our supporters, as they are not into this
form of communication. The 55 to 74 age group was the group that filled out the
most surveys.

PRHPCS discussed the survey results at their January 2021 meeting. Below are the
requests with our response at this time:

PRHPCS resources available online on our webpage – prairierosehospice.ca. Those included are:
– PRHPCS Community Resource Pamphlet
– AHS Palliative Care Resource (PCR) Nurse @ 403 362-3210
– Alberta Hospice Palliative Care Association – https://ahpca.ca ; ww w.mygrief.ca ;
– Canadian Virtual Hospice – virtualhospice.ca
– Brooks Home care – 403-501-3244;
– SPEC – https://spec.ab.ca .
– AHS Volunteer Coordinator 403 501-3207 at volunteer.brooks@albertahealthservices.ca
– Equipment rental: AJ’s Loan Cupboard (Medicine Hat) 403 580-5580
– Medicine Hat Red Cross (403) 526-3048

Help requested: we have listed existing resources or ones outside our goals:
● Special facility or designated wing – BHC is under construction with 5 designated pc rooms. There is 1 bed in Bassano Hospital.
● Respite Care – PCR Nurse; Our resource pamphlet; Home care and speak to your family doctor for options.
● Palliative care vs regular care in hosp. – BHC new unit when built and existing bed at Bassano Hospital. PCR Nurse; Our resource pamphlet; online resources from our webpage.
● Caregivers need more one on one support – PCR Nurse; Our resource pamphlet; Home care; Clergy; online resources from our webpage.
● Reassessing family roles – PCR Nurse; Resource pamphlet, ‘Saying goodbye’ book in comfort basket; Home care and online resources from our webpage.

● Info on what to expect – PCR Nurse; Our resource pamphlet; Comfort basket; online resources from our webpage.
● Client Counselling & Grief – PCR Nurse; Our resource pamphlet; ongoing evening bereavement group; and online resources from our webpage.
● Volunteer training – meet 3 times a year, attend one conference once per year, access to educational info. – Covid has preempted our volunteer training.
We are working with AHS to provide our volunteer training. In the near future, they are going to again offer – No one dies alone – NODA – We have a dementia workshop in the planning subject to covid rules. In the meantime, check out our
online resources for info. Society volunteers must register through AHS Volunteer Coordinator start online at volunteer.brooks@albertahealthservices.ca then contact the VC @ 403 501-3207.
● Spiritual care – Our resource pamphlet – their own clergy. While in the hospital you can access the minister on call.
● Hire a part-time minister for clients and family. This is beyond our society goals at this time. Access their own clergy or while in the hospital they are able to access the on call clergy.
● Follow up after the EOL journey with family/caregiver . PCR Nurse; Evening bereavement group plans on followup connection after EOL.
● Resources for ‘all things that come after’ – PCR Nurse; Funeral homes are a very good resource for the paperwork. Access our online resources for other needs.
● Financial assistance before EOL. – PCR Nurse; Our resource pamphlet; Home care.
● Support group – PCR Nurse; Our Evening bereavement – our online resources.
● Info on local rental places – PCR Nurse; and our resource pamphlet.
● General info link – Our resource pamphlet and online resources.
● Info on health care options – PCR Nurse; Our resource pamphlet; online resources .
● Videos on website – Our website and online resources .

PRHPCS thanks those that took the time to fill out our online survey. We are pleased to see the community supports our work. We, also, see areas that support is still needed. From the survey and discussions with caregivers, we recently created a PRHPCS Resource Brochure (found on our website) with local resources in one place for easy access.
Hospice palliative care needs are growing and evolving every day in Brooks and the area. PRHPCS is making positive attempts to be advocates of hospice palliative care needs.
PRHPCS Directors and Members.